With Target Math, The Price Increases When The Sign Gets Bigger

Target is a popular and successful retail chain, which has somehow managed to spread nationwide and woo customers in spite of its poor grasp of math. Here’s yet another example of Target Math, a special way of calculating sale prices and promotions that isn’t unique to Target, but for some reason turns up on their shelves very, very often.


Reader Jules spotted this specimen in the skin-care aisle. To be fair, that shelf tag doesn’t say that the kit is on sale, but it doesn’t say “price hike,” either.

We contacted Target for an explanation of what’s going on here, but they didn’t get back to us. Maybe they’re still trying to figure it out.

UPDATE: Target called to tell us that they’ve solved the mystery. The higher price on the Target-branded shelf tag is correct. The sign that the supplier made for the display has the wrong price. We are relieved to have solved this dilemma.

The Target spokesperson also pointed out that when you notice a pricing discrepancy like this, you should notify a store employee before posting it on Instagram.

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