Personal Finance Roundup

How to Swap Your House With a Stranger [Wall Street Journal] “How can I trust someone I don’t know and who comes from a foreign country?”

Personal Finance Is Rarely Black and White [The Simple Dollar] “If you see a tactic that you don’t find useful because it doesn’t match who you are or where your life is right now, don’t waste even a second of your precious energy or time on it.”

10 Things to Look for Every Time You Visit a Thrift Store [Wise Bread] “You never know what you’ll find during your treasure hunt, but here are 10 things you should always be on the lookout for at a thrift store.”

How and What to Negotiate When Relocating for Work [US News] “Bottom line: Don’t assume anything when it comes to relocating for work.”

Best money advice for new grads [MSN Money] “Financial experts share what they wish they had known and their best suggestions for someone just starting out.”


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