Comcast Tech Saves Sleeping Customer From Fire

A woman in Boston says she has a Comcast tech to thank for her being alive today, after he alerted her to a fire in her building. And before you ask, no, the tech did not start the fire.

The Comcast contractor was working nearby when he saw some coming out of the woman’s building. But rather than just standing back and taking cellphone photos of the fire, he approached the building to see if anyone was still inside.

“We were just trying to kick the door down, me and another gentleman,” says the tech. “We saw black smoke coming out from around the door.”

“If it wasn’t for the cable guy, I’d probably be dead,” the woman, who was asleep on the second floor, tells WBZ-TV. “He’s the one I woke up to screaming ‘fire fire.'”

The woman was able to get out with her life intact and luckily no one was on the first floor, which is where the fire started.

“I love him to death,” the woman says of her rescuer. “If I could get him right here I’d give him a hug and kiss, and take him to dinner. He was awesome.”

This is a nice change of pace from stories about Comcast techs driving their trucks into buildings, or robbing check-cashing places while on the job.

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