Xbox Twitter Support Has No Problem Implying You Have A Small Penis

Usually when you make a crude joke to a mega-corporation’s Twitter account, it goes ignored or responded to with a robotic, “Thanks for your support!” kind of message. But at least one person at Microsoft has a sense of humor when it comes to sassy Twitterers.

Last night, someone Tweeted to the @XboxSupport account:

i fucked my xbox 9 months ago and today a windows phone popped out of the disk drive. is this Technological Breeding or what

Within minutes, “Philip” from XboxSupport zinged the customer back:

Sorry, we don’t recommend putting small foreign objects into the Xbox 360 console.

At the very least, it’s evidence that XboxSupport is reading your Tweets… Or Microsoft’s artificial intelligence has reached a creepy level of complexity.

[via Reddit]

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