Expedia Gives Error Message, Puts Order Through After You Buy Elsewhere

Reader TeraGram tried to buy some plane tickets from Expedia, but for some unclear reason, the site wouldn’t let her. She tried to contact them to find out why, but after trying to call a few times and even falling asleep while on hold, she gave up on that route and bought tickets somewhere else. Naturally, after that was when her original purchase from Expedia went through.

I tried to buy airfare for my husband & daughter. After I supplied my email and credit card info for the purchase, I was told, “there is a problem” and although I don’t remember the entire message I believe I was told “this ticket was not purchased”.

I tried to call. I was on hold for over an hour and my cell disconnected.

I tried to call back and fell asleep sometime later. I awoke to a loud buzzing from my cell.

That morning I looked at my computer for emails and saw nothing from expedia. I tried to rebook. I received another error message. I tried to call back. Again with extremely long wait times and disconnects.

I figured that I should buy my tickets from someone else. And I did.
THEN I received a message from Expedia about my previously purchased tickets.

I tried to call back. AGAIN no answer, just long hold times. Finally I did get through but I was told “oh, too late, but perhaps your credit card company can issue a dispute”.

I called Citibank, who said, “we don’t have it on our system yet, call back when it hits your account.”

And I did. Now I am being told, “Oh, you should’ve called back within 24 hours.”

To be honest, the Citibank rep I was on hold wiht for almost 3 hours tonight was extremely patient and the United Airlines and Expedia reps were the ones who put the hold times into excessive times.

Expedia is claiming that I never received any errors from them. Expedia is claiming I never called them within 24 hours. United is claiming they have no responsibility even though the charge to my credit card is by them instead of Expedia. United is claiming “no refunds, but yeah you can change the travel for $150 per ticket.”

I have bought lots of travel over the years and never had any sort of issue. This particular instance has me spinning and disgusted.

I don’t know what my alternatives are but I do know this: I will never use United or Expedia ever again if this particular ticket is not backed out and fully refunded.

Calling up a company for help only to be told, “oopsie, guess you’ll have to try a chargeback!” is disappointing, but we expect no less from Expedia. Please be careful, though. Some years ago, another reader reported that Expedia sent debt collectors after them for daring to seek a refund through their credit card company.

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