Shell Still Can’t Figure Out How To Use Anti-Theft Stickers On Gas Pumps

gasstickerskimIt’s a really great idea to try to prevent people from skimming credit cards at ATMs and gas pumps with anti-theft stickers –Â but the first important step? You gotta put the sticker in the right spot. Shell failed at this back in October, and it appears it’s still totally clueless when it comes to sticker placement.

Consumerist reader Charles sent in this pic using our mobile Tipster app, writing, “My local Shell doesn’t really get the point of this sticker.”

In order for those handy stickers to work, the sticker must be placed on the spot where someone would try to break into the machine to install a skimmer. That way, if the sticker is damaged, cut or removed, customers will be warned against using the machine.

Slapping it on any old place on the machine isn’t going to do much beyond make would-be criminals giggle at its uselessness, and customers worry their info could be stolen.

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