Plastic Hanger Shrink Ray Costs You 4 Cents Per Hanger

Jeff needed some plastic hangers, and found some at Kmart that cost just a little more than he wanted to pay. But the odd thing was that the signage wasn’t quite right: the price given was for ten hangers, and the packages actually on the shelf contained eight hangers each. Okay, it’s not a big deal. And broken down, only a few cents’ difference per hanger. That doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying.

Another reason I have to learn to drive the extra 3 miles to Walmart. Is this perhaps a variation of the Grocery Shrink Ray?


The shelf tag said “10 pk. $1.79” but all they had were 8 packs….

At 10 for $1.79, they seemed expensive. And no way would I pay that much for just 8 hangers.

BTW, drove to Walmart, bought several 10 packs of plastic hangers for $1.17 each.

He also noted that he checked to see what priced the 8-pack of hangers scanned at. They were $1.79, as expected.

The question of whether it’s wiser to drive to Walmart depends on what you’re buying and what kind of gas mileage your car gets. Sometimes saving gas and time is worth a few cents. Sometimes the difference is a lot more than that, and the extra distance is worthwhile.

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