Target Hikes Price Ten Cents, Brags About It In Sale Flyer

Maybe the price of these lice kits is just up a bit due to supply and demand. Or maybe there’s some other perfectly logical reason why the product was featured in a sale flyer….even though, as George notes, the price has been hiked ten cents.

I was wandering through my local Target store when I noticed a product was “on sale” for more than the normal price. $15.19 was the “as advertised” price whereas $15.09 was the normal price. I looked underneath a lot of similar “as advertised” tags in the same aisle in health and beauty, and the other tags had the sales price exactly the same as the normal price.

Is it a “sale”? No, and it’s not advertised as such. But it doesn’t make much sense, either.

Target Feels Need To Brag About Selling Gift Cards At Face Value

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