What Would You Do With A $434,712 Tax Refund Check?

Coming into accidental money can be a heady thing — but while some of you might get a little nutty and go out and spend that “free” cash, we know others would return it. A Cleveland waitress spent her mistaken money only in her daydreams, musing about what she’d do with $434,712 from the Internal Revenue Service.

Ginny filed her tax return and patiently awaited a refund of $754, money she needed for things like fixing her car. But lo and behold, a whopping $434,712 landed in her hands, courtesy of the IRS.

“I have many best friends now, let me tell you,” she told USA Today while working at the restaurant she’s been working at for almost 20 years.

Some of her friends told her to cash it, and some said not to, but Ginny knew what would happen if she gave in to her fantasies of going on vacation and traveling the world with her family.

“They’ll put me in Alactraz, waiting on the night shift at Alcatraz,” she said. “They’ll reopen the place.”

Instead, she returned the check to the IRS office, while her friends lent her money until her real refund check comes in a few weeks. Perhaps the IRS will add in a few extra bucks as a finder’s fee, eh?

Ginny seems to have a good attitude about it all, in the end.

“It made a great story, didn’t it,” she said. “We’ll get many miles and many years out of this story of Grandma being queen for a day, rich for a day.”

*Thanks for the tip, Ray!

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