AT&T Telling DSL Customers They Have 45 Days To Upgrade To U-Verse

UPDATE: A rep for AT&T confirms to Consumerist that while the forced upgrades are occurring, it is only happening to customers in select areas.

In a statement to Consumerist, AT&T writes:

To offer a better user experience to our DSL customers, we are moving some who live in high network traffic areas to our advanced U-Verse network. The change is done for free and customers may keep their current speeds and pricing.

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It’s always nice when a newer, faster Internet service becomes an option to consumers. What’s not as nice is when that new option eventually becomes the only one. This is what some AT&T DSL customers say is happening to them, as the Death Star gives them 45 days to upgrade to U-Verse.

Over at the forums, folks have been sharing this e-mail they received from AT&T HQ:

As part of AT&T’s ongoing commitment to deliver the best possible internet experience, we’re making service improvements to benefit all of our customers.

Within the next 45 days, your current service will change to AT&T U-verse® High Speed Internet service. You’ll be able to enjoy faster Internet speeds and where available, take advantage of next-generation communication and entertainment choices!

In order for your new service to work you’ll need new equipment — which will be provided to you free of charge. Since there are impacts to your AT&T High Speed Internet service, you, the account holder, need to contact us now to ensure a smooth transition.

Here’s what it means for you


Your current AT&T Internet service will change to AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet service.

We’ll guarantee the price of your current plan for the next 12 months

We’ll match or beat your current Internet speed, and you can take advantage of exclusive offers for speeds up to 24MBps

You’ll still have all the same great features you do today and your email addresses won’t change

Your monthly bandwidth usage allowance will increase from 150 GB to 250 GB per month…

What Do I Need to Do?

Get Ready! Your service change will take place within the next 45 days. To avoid any service interruption, please call 1.877.377.1686 as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition. And be sure to ask about all the innovative AT&T U-verse services and offers that may be available to you, like the U-verse Choice Plus bundle, and save $38 for 12 months!

We’re excited to bring you the next evolution of communications and entertainment products and services.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to improve our network and the services we offer.


Your AT&T U-verse Customer Care Team

As the editors at DSLreports point out, while AT&T is promising that these customers’ rates won’t go up for 12 months after the switch, “some DSL users have paid the same DSL rates for a decade, and the upgrades most certainly include eventual rate hikes.”

We’ve asked AT&T to comment on whether or not this is a nationwide change or if the required upgrade is only being done in certain markets. We’ll update this post if we hear back.

AT&T Forcing DSL Users to Upgrade to U-Verse []

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