Straight Man Says Best Buy Employee Outed Him On Facebook During Phone Servicing

We are well aware that many of our readers have had a tough time dealing with Best Buy employees. But we’re pretty sure that being outed on Facebook during the process of a phone servicing session pretty much takes the “You’re Terrible With Customers” cake.

A man in Denver tells 7 News there that he brought in a cellphone to Best Buy to get fixed. He claims he was given a new phone shortly after bringing in the faulty model, and his Facebook status subsequently read, “I am gay, I’m coming out.”

But wait a minute a gosh darn minute! He’s straight, and he says didn’t post that. He says he was logged in to Facebook when he handed over the phone he’d been having trouble with.

“The phone just started ringing constantly after that, from ex-spouse to friends,” he told 7 News. “It’s totally not a joke. It just put a bad taste in my mouth.”

He filed a complaint with the store, saying he’s been “humiliated” by the ordeal and his reputation “tarnished.” He was told the employee involved has been fired. Because of the annoyance he’s gone through of having to tell people he hasn’t seen in years that no, he’s not gay, he’s gone ahead and gotten a lawyer to explore his options against Best Buy.

Best Buy didn’t confirm or deny that the employee had been fired, but did give this statement to 7 News:

Each year, every employee of Best Buy is asked to review and sign our Code of Ethics, which includes details on how they are expected to handle customer information.

Maybe it’s time to beef up that section on how not to invade customer privacy and wreak social networking havoc.

Log out of your apps before handing over your phones, everyone. You never know when a Best Buy worker — or anyone else working in customer service — will strike.

Man Returns Phone To Best Buy, Gets ‘Gay’ Facebook Update [7 News Denver]

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