Travelers Flocking To Cities For Sweaty Summer Vacation This Year

While many big city dwellers will be clamoring to get out of sweaty urban areas this summer, millions of tourists are expected to swarm in during the summer months. And they’re even going to subject themselves to hot, sticky public transportation to save money.

According to a survey by non-profit public transportation advocate group, The American Public Transportation Association (via, cities like Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York are among the top 10 city destinations for travelers this summer.

While I can’t vouch as well for the extreme sweatiness of the other cities on the list, I can say that New York is a sweltering hellhole of humid torture in the summer months. That being said, about 57% of the 6.8 million travelers landing in the city this summer say they will take public transportation to avoid having to find parking and to save money.

Forty-two percent of city vacationers will use public transportation to sightsee, 31 percent will take a train or bus when dining or heading out for a night on the town and 28 percent will use it for shopping.

Twenty-nine percent will travel to and from their place of lodging, and 28 percent will use public transportation to travel to and from the airport during their visit, the survey found.

That boils down to a whole lot of melty moments, so make sure to swill plenty of water, folks!

Heading to urban centers might be a reflection of the trend that many Americans are staying closer to home this year, perhaps another sign that we’re trying to save money on the actual traveling part of traveling.

Other cities with the most visitors this summer will be Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston and Atlanta.

Cities Are Hot Vacation Destinations This Summer, Survey Shows []

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