UPS Drivers Are Not Supposed To Come Back To Your House To Watch You Shower

Anyone who has just missed a UPS delivery (or has had a driver leave a “we missed you” note without actually attempting a delivery) knows it’s impossible to get that driver to make a return visit. But one UPS driver in California allegedly had no problem returning to a customer’s house… with the intention of watching her shower.

A woman in the San Diego area said she was at home on Wednesday when the UPS driver dropped off a package for her. Then about 15 minutes later, he was allegedly back inside her home, standing in the hall outside her bathroom and watching her take a shower.

When she spotted the peeper, he fled and was arrested by police. It’s believed the man was able to get back into her house through an unlocked door.

The driver was booked on of peeping, prowling and trespassing.

UPS Deliveryman Arrested For Allegedly Watching Woman Shower [CBS Los Angeles]

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