United Ends Preboarding Policy For Families With Small Kids

While airlines love to put out press releases for even the smallest improvements in service, they tend to be pretty quiet when they do something that might tick off customers. Thus, many people are just learning now that back in April, United Airlines ended its policy of allowing families with small children to board flights early.

“We figured it would be better to simplify that process and reduce the number of boarding groups,” a United rep tells CNN.

But Kate Hanni of flyersrights.org says United’s policy change is a bit of a slap in the face to families.

“There are very few things a parent can count on when it comes to air travel these days, but one of those things was always the ability to board first to get your children settled in and all of their needs met before the throngs of people board the plane,” she tells CNN. “I hope United changes their mind.”

While most major carriers have some policy that allows for parents with young kids to board before the majority of other passengers, some, like American Airlines, make announcements at the gate asking for any travelers who will need assistance or extra time when boarding to talk to the gate crew.

United Airlines ends coach preboarding for children [CNN]

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