UPS Drivers Are Not Supposed To Come Back To Your House To Watch You Shower

Anyone who has just missed a UPS delivery (or has had a driver leave a “we missed you” note without actually attempting a delivery) knows it’s impossible to get that driver to make a return visit. But one UPS driver in California allegedly had no problem returning to a customer’s house… with the intention of watching her shower.

A woman in the San Diego area said she was at home on Wednesday when the UPS driver dropped off a package for her. Then about 15 minutes later, he was allegedly back inside her home, standing in the hall outside her bathroom and watching her take a shower.

When she spotted the peeper, he fled and was arrested by police. It’s believed the man was able to get back into her house through an unlocked door.

The driver was booked on of peeping, prowling and trespassing.

UPS Deliveryman Arrested For Allegedly Watching Woman Shower [CBS Los Angeles]


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  1. crispyduck13 says:

    Great, just when I’d run out of things to be terrified of.

    • eyesack is the boss of the DEFAMATION ZONE says:

      You should’ve built “unwanted people could enter unlocked doors” into whatever security routine you have at your home.

  2. Malik says:

    Was that wrong? Should I have not did that?

  3. Jawaka says:

    Before I read this I was thinking that he was looking in her windows from the road and my feeling would have been if she left the window open for people to see her then whatever. But to sneak back into her home is just creepy.

  4. dolemite says:

    Well duh…you leave the door open and what am I supposed to think! Here’s how it went down in the driver’s mind: “Miss, I’ve found another package for you!” /woman opens the shower curtains, bare bosoms glistening in the mist: “Oh? Is it a large package? ” “Yes ma’am!” “Well…do come in here and give it to me!”

  5. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

    Maybe he had a package for her.

  6. Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

    Did she forget to lock the doors? It’s creepy, but it would’ve been avoided if she didn’t forget to lock her doors.

    Did they ever get a statement on why the guy went back to her place? I mean did he do it with all the intention of prowling/peeping, or did he forget something and sort of went back and chanced upon her showering (and ended up enjoying the scene)?

    • msbask says:

      He didn’t “chance upon her showing”, he walked back into her home. What the hell is wrong with you?

    • blueman says:

      There’s victim blaming, and then there’s just sheer, inexplicable idiocy.

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      You sound like you might could talk to a professional about your problems, because that’s kind of a twisted logic.

    • Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

      Maybe I stated this incorrectly. I do get that the fact that he walked into her home is unforgivable, and thoroughly creepy.

      But what I’m curious about here is the circumstances leading up to the crime — did he just run back to his truck, waited for a few minutes, then ran back in? Or did he “claim” he missed something (dropped a pen, or whatever), which prompted him go back, finding the door ajar/unlocked, then couldn’t resist the temptation to walk in?

      I did not see it written on the article — I didn’t watch the video though, so I’m not sure if they did mention it there.

      • little stripes says:

        Did you just REALLY question what happened between the time she initially answered the door and he attempted to illegally enter her home and watch her shower, as if there is something we’re missing and maybe it’s totally her fault and she totally wanted him to break into her home and watch her shower? REALLY?

        What is wrong with you?

        • Bill610 says:

          I think it’s more curiosity–despite the custom here, people don’t ask questions only for the purpose of finding a way to blame the victim. It would be interesting to know what excuse he gave for entering the house. It would be interesting to know why he did this at this particular time: is he doing this every time he delivers a package to a woman who catches his attention and only just now got caught, or was there something that led him to do so this time (which does NOT mean it was HER FAULT!)?

          • little stripes says:

            Are you new here? Whenever there is any post involving a woman, the sexism in this community sky-rockets. I knew someone would come in here and try to blame her and look! Someone did!

            • Jillia says:

              Hey little stripes, chill the F out. Nobody’s blaming the woman in this case. Yes, what he did was creepy and downright illegal and not her fault. We get that. We’re just curious about the particular circumstances that led him to do what he did. Perhaps it’s just pure curiosity, but let’s say those details were divulged, there’s a chance we could learn something from this particular situation in order to protect ourselves.

    • j2.718ff says:

      Entering someone’s home without their permission (or knowledge) isn’t just creepy, it’s illegal!

      • Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

        Yes, it’s trespassing, it’s illegal. Like I said, I was just wondering how he came about doing what he did. Some people from the same community did have a fair amount of trust in him, so what caused this deviation?

        ** “He’s in a position of trust in the community, and if he’s at my house, dropping off packages, this is the last guy I’m worried about,” said a resident who requested not to be identified. **

        Sigh. Maybe I watch too many crime TV shows.

        *removes sunglasses*

    • veritybrown says:

      Not everyone lives in a sufficiently dangerous neighborhood that they have to keep their door locked during the daytime when they’re at home. In fact, I’ve lived in a dozen different neighborhoods–some of them a bit rough–in eight different cities (large and small) across the West and Midwest, and I have never lived anywhere that I felt the need to keep the door locked during the daytime when I was at home.

      It doesn’t matter WHAT excuse the guy had for coming back. Even IF he had left his package scanner or signature pad there (which would be strange, since UPS drivers don’t typically come inside a private home), and even IF he panicked when she didn’t answer the door so he could get the item back, and even IF, in his panic, he opened the front door himself…the item he was looking for would have been right there inside the door. No need to go further. Actually, the real need would have been to grab his stuff as quickly as possible and get going again to catch up with his schedule.

      So what if she didn’t lock the front door? So what if he heard the shower running? It’s pretty unlikely that she was showering within open sight of the front door–few houses are designed to even make that possible, and the story says he was standing in the HALLWAY outside the bathroom. Choosing to go further into the house and watch her shower is no different (and in fact far, far worse, because of the home invasion!) than choosing to peep into someone’s bathroom window because the light is turned on. Only a sick or criminal person gives in to an impulse like that.

    • Djalli says:

      I agree with you, I mean it IS creepy that he went into her home and stared at her showering, but WHY did he go back – did he suddenly realize she’s the love of his life? Did he decide that he needed to get her phone number because she’s just so gosh darn pretty?

  7. Hi_Hello says:


  8. TrustAvidity says:

    Pics (of the girl) or it didn’t happen.

  9. profchaos79 says:

    Was the victim hot?

  10. Hungry Dog says:

    I’ve been trying to coax the Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses to peep on me but all they do is avoid my house now.

    I’ve won this round.

    • nugatory says:

      to win round two, when they knock on the door, your first words should be “would you like some special brownies I made” and give them a really big grin.

    • Esmeralda the Calipygian says:

      I grew up Jehovah’s Witness, but left the group as soon as I was old enough to live on my own. Back when I was knocking on doors, it was a popular prank to answer the door stark naked when the Witnesses came around. I used to love getting those doors- it really broke up the monotony, and gave me something to smile about!

  11. Invader Zim says:

    Hard to say if the guy did it or if she left the door unlocked with the intention of making it up. Did he really flee of was he just driving around delivering packages. Just surmizing is all.

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      ‘if she left the door unlocked with the intention of making it up’

      FFS. Are you for real? If this is the way you think, please do your best to avoid jury duty.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      Wow you just straight up went there didn’t you? Have fun with your surmizing.

    • Speedstr says:

      Umm…these UPS delivery trucks have GPS trackers that do check your route – down to where you were to the last minute. Kind of hard of him to give a reasonable explanation of what he was doing back at the address for so long…

  12. RiverStyX says:

    They aren’t? Well shit, they’ve been coming by every morning for the last two months..Said it was company policy, in fact.

  13. Blueskylaw says:

    The driver was booked on peeping, prowling, trespassing
    and leaving a package without getting a valid signature.

  14. eezy-peezy says:

    Around here they wouldn’t have time to stop for a peek. They are going flat out until 7 or 8 at night.

    • ungeheier says:

      This is WHY they are out so late.

      Either 1. because they’re peeping on a lot of people throughout the day
      or 2. Because better looking women come home later in the day?

      Also too, who hasn’t left their door unlocked hoping a UPS driver would come in and watch them shower?

  15. sjb says:

    People were wondering why they did not get there package that day… as I think about this my mind goes off on a tangent.

    Could this be a reason why other packages have delivery issues? Could this be just the tip of the real problem delivery issues? Is there a conspiracy here were UPS drivers work a spys for the ? Where’s my med’s?

  16. lilspooky says:

    Wow…What a creepy fucker!

  17. frankrizzo:You're locked up in here with me. says:

    And you wonder if the interviewing process or background and reference checks will ever be able to forecast this type of behavior.

  18. RandomHookup says:

    The legal system has continued to take all the fun out of work!

  19. PHRoG says:

    Or, he’s innocent and she just wants a payout from UPS….

    Curious what evidence there is that he did it, other witnesses or just her word?

    • The Porkchop Express says:

      the police probably finger printed her house (at least the door knob that UPS doesn’t need to touch anyway), the truck has gps on it for tracking, and REALLY?

      • RandomHookup says:

        It’s the Consumerist Code. We don’t believe anything from the original complaint and assume everyone is pulling a scam/money grab.

        • PHRoG says:

          Meh…not assuming. But, the OA doesn’t clarify. It only says that she says she saw him. I don’t trust a news source to do things like check facts. :p

          • crispyduck13 says:

            Do you also not trust the GPS tracking records on his truck? I’m just saying, it would be pretty easy to tell what went down based on that.

  20. smo0 says:

    OMG – you know I’ve had stuff delivered to me during the day – and a few times, I’ve heard them try to open my door – I know because I can see the window that shows who is at the door from the stairs…. unless I have to sign, I never open the door. I wait til they leave (which they normally do), grab the box, then re lock the doors. I work at home, I’m home alone for most of the day – which believe it or not, is when a lot of home invasions and break-ins occur because people are generally out working.

    • Kate says:

      They try to open the door?

      And you didn’t report them to UPS? Because I can’t imagine a legal reason for doing that.

      • Rachacha says:

        Well, if you have a screen door, or a storm door, I can see why the UPS driver would try to open that door to place small packages/envelopes between the wood/metal door, and the storm door to keep it dry or from blowing away.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      Are you talking about a covered porch door? Or a shared apartment front door? I get packages at my house all the time, have never ever seen the delivery person move the doorknob.

  21. DriveByLurker says:

    Oddly, he had intended to peep at another neighbor, but – in time honored UPS-drivers-on-Consumerist fashion – went to the wrong house.

  22. WhenPigsFly says:

    Talk about ‘D.ick in a Box’!!

  23. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    A 32-second commercial to watch a 43-second video clip. Seems fair.

  24. HomerSimpson says:

    And I’ll bet Consumerist bingo doesn’t have a space for THAT!

  25. scoosdad says:

    What was it that he delivered that made him come back later to watch her in the shower– a really cool new shower head?

  26. AM says:

    Like the creepy next door neighbor trying to sneak a peek through your windows isn’t bad enough… now a UPS delivery guy that has been on the same route for three years? How many other houses did he sneak into?

    I love our justice system and respect cops I just wish creeps like this would get caught before they get bonded or have a background check done.

  27. Ayla says:

    I blame porn. Seriously. How often is this the set up for some erotic movie? Isn’t that the common joke about porn? That it’s a plumber, pizza delivery guy or someone like this who walks in on two best friends having a shower?

    I’m not saying the guy isn’t sick, and shouldn’t do jail time, lock ‘im away BUT how can we not address the underline issue which is porn is destroying our world?!

    “More than 1 billion pornographic websites are one click away, and the average age of first-time viewers of pornography is 9 years old. About 80 percent of 15- to 17-year-olds have been exposed to hardcore porn, and the adult pornography industry reports that 20-30 percent of their traffic comes from children. ” – Christian Post

    Stuff like this will keep happening and sexual violence will only escalate until we either die off as a human race or decide to stand up from some basic moral values.

    • Bill610 says:

      If you read your Bible–the Old Testament in particular–you will find that pretty terrible sexual assaults have been going on looong before the advent of what we would call pornography. And since the Bible describes some of those assaults, does that mean you would consider the Bible pornography?

      I am a believer; I’m not trying to denigrate the Bible, and I’m not saying that pornography isn’t one manifestation of what is wrong with the world. But as soon as we start saying that the cause of a problem is what someone is reading/watching/listening to, someone may think the world might be a better place if we banned what you like to read/watch/listen to.

    • AM says:

      Why is your 9 year old watching porn? That should be the first question. Irresponsible parenting may be the root of this problem.

      As for a a grown man thinking it’s okay that he can walk into someones home and watch them based on a movie he saw; then he is probaly the same person who jumps of a building thinking he can grow wings and fly just like his favorite movie character. Personally, I think this guy is a sexual predator that is what a peeping tom falls into. No one made him walk into her house and watch her. He alone found the opportunity to act out his sexually deviant fantasy with an unwilling person. That is why he got arrested.

  28. MacUser1986 says:

    “What can brown do for you?”

    Apparently watch you take a shower…

  29. ultra1bob says:

    My UPS driver tells a different story about what happened. The driver in question was told by UPS to go back to the house and pick up what he had delivered. He had left the package at the door, and found the package had been now opened and was at the back of the room. He walked over to get it (breaking a UPS rule about entering a home), took the package, then left and drove off. Since he was friends with the people that lived there, he thought it was OK to walk in. He said she said.

    Did he peep on her, or was his crime that he spurned her advances? He said — she said.