Actual Paying Yahoo Customer Takes His Business Elsewhere

If Yahoo were going to pay attention to any of their customers, you’d think it would be Israel. He’s been using their services since 1995. He’s a paying customer. He’s even a shareholder in the company. But recent cutbacks mean the closing of the Concierge desk that would normally help people like Israel. Now that he’s having unexplained problems with his e-mail account, he’s taking his pixels and leaving for Google.

I have been a paying Yahoo customer and shareholder for more than a decade. For the past 10+ days I have been trying, in vain, to get a problem with my Yahoo email account resolved. Emails from one domain are not delivered to my account – nobody gets an error message – they just don’t show up.

NEVER have I been more mistreated, frustrated, and jerked around by a company I do business with. Yahoo’s lack of response and complete ineptitude is worse than anything I’ve ever experienced with Dell – and that’s a pretty high bar for lack of respect for a customer.

In the past ten days, I have been,

  • Asked to fill out forms only to be told they are the wrong forms.
  • Had close to a dozen circular conversations with email help reps who repeatedly send canned responses and don’t read previous messages.
  • Had many chats what end with “we don’t know anything, but you will hear from our team “soon.”

Yesterday – for the first time in 10 days – I was told by a chat agent that my case would be escalated and I could expect a response in 24 hours.

Today, the chat agent says he knows nothing of the status of my case, and to expect an email “soon.”

In years past, Yahoo Concierge saved me from mis-treatment like this. With that desk closed, and no other option to talk with people of skill/power/compassion, I am forced to move my accounts to Google. I hate Google, but you have given me no choice.

It saddens me to see Yahoo treat customers this way. I don’t expect Google to be much better, but at least my email will work.

Good luck with the future of the company. It’s not clear to me what that is, or what the organization values.

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  1. deathbecomesme says:

    Have you checked to see if that domain goes through on any other non yahoo account? Could also be their spam filter. Id have them send you a plain text email to see if it gets through

    • Frankz says:

      Too little, too late, and most importantly beside the point.
      It’s all something Yahoo should have done for a paying customer, and they can’t and won’t do it even after 10 days time, which should have been done 9.9 days ago.

      • deathbecomesme says:

        Why is it something “Yahoo should have done”. The trouble shooting has to be done on the customers/clients end. The fact that he is paying for yahoo means he is using an email client and that means it could be an issue on his end. It’s not yahoo’s job to fix issues on his computer. We don’t have the whole story. What are all those emails telling him to do and has he done them. The steps I listed above are the first things I would try myself.

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          Obviously it’s been working for a decade. I doubt he did anything different suddenly to cause this. And as a paying customer, the onus definitely lies on Yahoo in the end.

          • deathbecomesme says:

            Believe me when I say things change on your computer without you consciously allowing/doing it. I work in support and things happen on computers all the time. Especially with mail clients.

            You’ve been on this site long enough to know that the customer is NOT always right. Just because he pays Yahoo a fee does not mean he is entitled to support beyond their scope. The Yahoo support people are trained/paid to support their product. If the issue lies beyond their product and appears to be something wrong with the customers computer/software then they have no control over that.

            • MMD says:

              “Just because he pays Yahoo a fee does not mean he is entitled to support beyond their scope.”

              At what point has Yahoo provided any help, let alone something “beyond their scope”?

              • deathbecomesme says:

                He says he has received email after email. Those emails usually have other things you can try in the case where they don’t see an issue with their service. We don’t have the contents of those emails so we can’t say. But I do know that he’s not having trouble with any other domain/sender

    • YouDidWhatNow? says:

      Could have easily been that other domain’s fault – like if they didn’t have an SPF record or something that Yahoo was regularly checking against for spam control.

      Granted that it would be nice if Yahoo actually helped this guy…but the root of the problem may not be their fault. Honestly…it probably isn’t.

      • MMD says:

        Of course, there’s not enough information in the story to know whose fault the problem is.
        But since Yahoo can’t be bothered to figure it out, we have plenty of information to know that the OP is justified in taking his business elsewhere.

    • sjb says:

      Their fault / His fault – Its not the point of where the problem lies, the point is that their is someone who can help in the resolution of a problem. I work a help desk before and 9 times out of 10 there is a problem at the client end but that does not mean that I can just through it back at them and say “your problem”. Good customer service is where you do what is possible to resolve a problem so that they use your services with a feeling that you are useful for them.

      Most people do not have a clue on what goes on and they really do not want to know, they just need it to work so that they can get back to what is really important to them – getting a job done that allows them to get paid and food on the table. Its not that they do not want to know, they do not have the time to know.

      There are other things in life that are more important in life than knowing DNS block lists, mail services configurations, spam lists… I just need to get back to work please so I can get this project done.

  2. oldwiz65 says:

    Shudder. I pay for Yahoo premium e-mail so I can use it via POP and Apple Mail. I would absolutely hate to have to change all my e-mail addresses to another provider. It’s typical that many companies consider customer service to be an expensive waste of money rather than something important. It’s not just Yahoo; the big banks and many many other big companies do it as well.

    • fsnuffer says:

      I use a service called You get five front-end e-mail addresses that you can redirect to another e-mail of your choice. You hand out your pobox e-mail address and if you change ISP’s or e-mail providers, you log in and redirect the pobox mail to your new e-mail address. They also have excellent spam tools. DISCLAIMER: I do not work for our have any professional interest in the company. I have just used them for the past ten years.

  3. ScarletsWalk says:

    I’ve been a Yahoo user (free) as long and have had my email there for 12 years now. While I have multiple accounts from other providers, it’s my primary one. Stories like this and reading about layoffs make me nervous because while it wouldn’t be the end of the world to walk away too, it would be so inconvenient.

    • nugatory says:

      I’ve had my Yahoo email address since 1996. I shudder at the though of that email going dark, as I’ve used it as my primary email since I first opened it. My only hope is that Yahoo is too big of a name to completely disappear. In the end someone will buy them for the name/domain and will still provide email service.

      if anyone wants to point holes in this fantasy, I’ll stick my fingers in my ears and make lots of loud noises until your done.

      • frodolives35 says:

        Yahoo free email has been my primary email for 14 years now I still have stuff saved on there servers from the start of the account. I am talking email from when my kids were still kids and I now have 9.8 grandchildren (#10 due in July). I have a lot of backing up/forwarding to do. On a brighter note my gmail accounts I use work great. Yahoo you have stood the test of time I have gotten a lot more then I paid for and am almost sorry I use google/gmail so much now. I guese its time to move on.

    • hymie! says:

      I’ve been a Yahoo user (free) as long and have had my email there for 12 years now […] it’s my primary one. Stories like this and reading about layoffs make me nervous […] it would be so inconvenient.

      Have you considered paying them?

  4. SlowRider says:

    The canary in the coal mine. When the loyal paying customers start walking, you can bet the ones with no skin in the game will soon follow.

  5. nopirates says:

    “liking” yahoo and “hating” google seems… arbitrary

  6. hexx says:

    It’s unfortunate Israel is having this particular problem, but there are numerous possibilities as to why he’s not getting email from a specific domain. It’s not specifically a Yahoo problem. Switching his email provider is a bit drastic in my opinion. The fact that he frequently relied on Yahoo’s Concierge service tells me he might not be the most tech-savvy person.

    • Package Man says:

      He shouldn’t have to be tech savvy to use the internet or email. If he had problems, regardless of his level of tech savviness, Yahoo should have been able to resolve them in a timely manner.

      • deathbecomesme says:

        If you would have read Hexx’s post again you would see that what he is saying is the issue may not be in Yahoo’s service. It might be an issue on the customers computer/software. That is not something yahoo can fix. That is something that would have to be done on the customers end.

        • MMD says:

          And if you’d read the original post again, you’d see that there’s not enough information to know whether the problem is on Yahoo’s end or the OP’s end. You’d also see that Yahoo has done nothing but give him the runaround, rather than actually checking into the problem.

  7. Shouhdes says:

    Use Gmail.

    Problem solved.

  8. Blueskylaw says:

    Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle is still around? I
    thought the company was broken up during the great awakening?

  9. newcx says:

    I ‘walked” from Yahoo and Flickr years ago when I had a billing problem and asked for some very minor consideration. None of the telephone reps would help. When I asked a CSR if anyone at Yahoo cared that their refusal to even listen to my request would mean loosing a customer forever I was told “No one cares”. All of the infamous actions of management since then have proven the CSR correct.

  10. Sarahlara says:

    This is somewhat related: I was trying to find an article I’d read on Yahoo News the other day. I tried to find it for several minutes before I gave up and searched for it on Google. It came right up.

  11. Bionic Data Drop says:

    I was invited to join a Yahoo group from an organization I’ve started volunteering for. I haven’t used my yahoo account in a few years, so I created another. Yahoo was terrible when I stopped using them and they have only gotten worse. They have page size ads that make navigating their site on a mobile phone impossible. Plus Yahoo groups hasn’t evolved one bit in years. It looks and feels so primitive.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is Yahoo blows.

  12. Joe_Bloe says:

    Another ex-Yahoo customer here, but for another reason. Yahoo’s Android mail app was quite good, certainly better than Google’s confusing interface. I like the old-school paradigm of messages coming in, and any filters would move the message to the folder of your choice, removing it from the main inbox. GMail doesn’t do that, Yahoo does.

    But here’s the rub: Yahoo recently updated their Android app, and it killed my phone. The battery, anyway. Now, ads are so large, and so frequently updated, that my battery would be sucked dry in about four hours, instead of the previous average of twelve hours. I uninstalled the app, and my battery life was immediately restored. Moved everything to GMail, even though the interface sucks.

    • chucklebuck says:

      GMail can do that – when you set up the filter in GMail there’s an option you can check that says “Archive It (Skip the Inbox)” or something along those lines. I have all my mail from various mailing lists, social networks, etc. go into labels just for those things without ever hitting the inbox.

    • c_c says:

      I use Yahoo Mail and Gmail … and you can definitely filter emails to different labels. Just tell it to skip the inbox as chucklebuck mentioned.

      Personally I prefer the Gmail Android app, runs smoother than the Yahoo one generally (which isn’t a bad app or anything).

  13. blinky says:

    There are other email providers, including hotmail, if you hate google. Of course I doubt any of them have a concierge desk.

  14. Snarkster says:

    If the OP is using email for business, I’d suggest registering a domain name. It looks more professional and you can change email host without changing your email address. Depending upon your needs, point the email to either the paid Google mail service or a hosted Exchange server. If you are an Apple user with an iPhone, Apple’s hosted mailbox might be the best fit. My mail is hosted on a shared Exchange server mailbox (about $9/month) and I’ve never had a problem with my messages being received. Maybe it helps that I have a SPF record in my DNS.

  15. dangermike says:

    Whoa, people still use yahoo? I mean, really, OP switches to Gmail? Welcome to 2005!

  16. lilspooky says:

    I stopped using yahoo many years ago, what made me switch was spam. I would get maybe 100 plus spam emails a day. Gmail, no spam!

    Yahoo was bought out by Microsoft, and since then they stopped all development, and all competent employees jumped ship.

    Microsoft just wanted the brand, and they will use it till its just a empty shell.

  17. ECA says:

    Anyone here, Ever try to get ahold of a Physical person to contact at yahoo?

    I have tried a few times.
    Over 3 years ago, I actually did and got things done.
    NOW, there is no REAL number or person to talk to.
    Generally you get shuffled off to ATT customer service.

  18. ECA says:

    Anyone here, Ever try to get ahold of a Physical person to contact at yahoo?

    I have tried a few times.
    Over 3 years ago, I actually did and got things done.
    NOW, there is no REAL number or person to talk to.
    Generally you get shuffled off to ATT customer service.

  19. scottd34 says:

    You know, google has less support then yahoo does so ya if support is important google is not the place to go

  20. humphrmi says:

    Years ago, I had a Yahoo hosting account, it was pretty simple … all they had to do was support my WordPress blog. Updates from WordPress would fail, Yahoo didn’t respond to my support requests, things got messy with unsupported updates vs. blog security. I was at OSCON one year and went to both the Yahoo and WordPress areas, and the clear message I was getting was, host your friggin’ blog somewhere else. So I moved on to Dreamhost. It’s been smooth sailing ever since.

    Yahoo hosting can go F themselves.