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Verizon Reportedly Trying To Get $1B Discount On Yahoo Purchase

It’s normal to get cold feet before a wedding, especially if your intended is a technology company that is facing legal action after millions of user accounts were breached, and everyone was saying you’d created a spy tool for the government to snoop on users’ emails. That’s reportedly why Verizon is angling to get $1 billion off the $4.8 billion price it agreed to pay to purchase Yahoo’s internet business. [More]

It's Never Too Late To Haggle, Even At Target

It's Never Too Late To Haggle, Even At Target

Kyle just emailed us a recap of his successful haggling adventure at Target this past weekend. If you’re afraid to try haggling at a big chain store, check out his story for an example of how to make it pleasant for all parties involved; the goal is to approach it as a negotiation where everyone wins, not as a zero-sum competition. [More]