At Carl's Jr., A Cheeseburger Made Of Ice Cream

Not to be outdone by the Choco Taco, the fast food geniuses at Carl’s Jr. are testing a new product that busts right through the line between dinner and dessert: the Ice Cream Brrrger. It is exactly what it sounds like. A chocolate ice cream “patty” inside a sugar cookie bun, with red, yellow, and green icing meant to simulate cheese, ketchup, and lettuce.

For now, the $1.99 treat is available only at two locations in the cradle of fast-food culture, southern California. But is it edible? The Orange County Register’s Nancy Luna tried it and weighs in:

Just got back from trying one of the Ice Cream Brrrger sandwiches. Not bad. I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate ice cream, but the real winner was the soft and chewy sugar cookies. Did I taste a hint of almond?

Reader Chris, who alerted us to the existence of this tasty monstrosity, also lives in Orange County and sent along his own review:

Surprisingly its one of the most delicious fast food deserts ive tried. It is Extremely sweet (The icing + those sugar cookies almost put me in a coma). For added fun I tried it with a crisscut fry on top… not the same effect as the ol’ fries in the Wendys frosty. Heres hoping the rest of the country gets to experience this unholy creation!

The Brrrger has 340 calories. For now, the rest of the country will just have to stick with imported Every Burger cookies for our dessert burger needs.

Carl’s Jr. ice cream burger [Orange County Register]

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