5 Ways To Save Money By Spending Money

It seems counter-intuitive, but frugality doesn’t always necessarily mean clutching your wallet with a vise grip and refusing to spend on non-essentials. Sometimes spending a little more doesn’t just make your life easier: it can save you money in the long run.

CNBC detailed ten ways that you can actually save money (or earn more in the long run) by spending. You’ll have to click through to see the rest, but here are five that we like.

  • Hiring help. If you earn more than a dog walker or housecleaner would, it might be worth your time to spend more time at the office and leave mundane tasks to pros.
  • Invest in good quality career wear. Looking crisp and professional is good for your career, which of course is good for your finances.
  • How do your business cards look? If your employer doesn’t provide them or if you’re self-employed, professional-looking cards could help you get more work.
  • Refinance your mortgage. If you own a house, consider refinancing – some legwork now can lead to huge interest savings.
  • Don’t skimp on fun. Buying the very worst seats at an event or the cheapest travel or accommodations on vacation can be a false economy that leads to inconveniences and annoyed family members.

10 Ways to Save Money by Spending More [CNBC]


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  1. Captain Spock says:

    Wow. Just Wow.

    • PurplePenquin says:

      Great idea! If you’re willing&able to farm for gold, then spending money on a subscription to World of Warcraft can be a way to make more money.

      Tho, I wouldn’t rely on “just” WoW….make sure you diversify a lil’ more than that.

  2. Hibyeman says:

    wow i knew all but 4 and 1

  3. Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

    Use Perkstreet for banking! And get tested and be monogamous. Condoms are expensive.

  4. Blueskylaw says:

    They forgot to list only buying Boar’s Head Parma Prosciutto to wrap around fresh mozzarella since the others are too salty and don’t have that “buttery soft” quality to them.

  5. MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

    tl;dr version:

    Don’t be cheap, be frugal.

  6. kingofmars says:

    Hiring a house cleaning service was the best thing my girlfriend and I ever did for our sanity. Instead of spending all weekend cleaning, we straighten up once a week, and leave it to professional cleaners that can do it faster and better for a reasonable price.

    • MrEvil says:

      You can say that again. Best decision I ever made was hiring a House keeper.

    • Martha Gail says:

      I clean my friend’s house once every two weeks for $25/hr. He’s good at keeping the place tidy, but clueless on how to really clean. I’ve tried to teach him to no avail. In the end, he decided $75 a month was worth it (takes me about an hour and a half to do the whole place).

      I’m always amazed at how sticky and gritty his countertops are.

      • ferozadh says:

        This reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld…. do you also take naps in your friend’s bed? lol I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. My mother used to clean the home of her boss. Money’s money.

    • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

      Hey! What’s wrong with your girlfriend? She’s the one who should be doing the washing and cleaning – not some out$ide $ervice.

      • Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

        “No, no no. I need more lemon Pledge.”

      • OutPastPluto says:

        We have found no service that does a good enough job to be worth paying someone else to clean.

        We also discovered the same problem regarding our (former) landscaping service.

        So the idea of outsourcing menial labor tasks might not work out nearly as well as you expect.

    • Conformist138 says:

      Amen. I only have my apartment done monthly, but they do such a good job that for tasks like scrubbing toilets and washing floors it’s enough. I started having the place cleaned when my sister and I moved in. We each work and/or go to school and have very different schedules to the point that I often sleep when she’s awake and vice versa It was for our own sanity and to prevent any arguments about who should do what that I opted for pros- we each pick up our own stuff and do our own dishes without any issues.

      However, due to my job being hourly with a set schedule, paying cleaners doesn’t make me any money.

  7. Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

    There was a thread here a few (6-9?) months ago on this. I seem to remember the hive mind here agreed that one of the big things was a membership in a warehouse (Sam’s Costco, BJ’s) club.

    Heck, my membership as Sam’s cost $35/year. In milk alone, I save over $150 a year. Safeway skim $3.99 on average with a few sales, Sam’s is $2.69 a gallon. Yes, we go through at least 3 gallons a week.

    • Mambru says:

      YEs Costco rules! and milk is way too cheap (I think they are selling powder milk) but hey I rather pay 2.84 per gallon than 3.70 at publix. The gas is cheap too and the nonperishables like soap and toilet paper are a good bargain

      • failurate says:

        I have recently started buying milk at a gas station/convenience store, Kwik Mart. It runs about 50 cents cheaper than our grocery store, $2.50 per gallon vs $3.00 per gallon. If I could get myself to come to grips with getting milk out of a bag, it would be $2.00 per gallon.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      That wouldn’t be worth it for me. I can get milk for a comparable price nearby, while Sam’s Club is clear on the other side of town. Gas prices would negate any savings.

      I did think about that. I really did. They have a lot of stuff there, but it just isn’t worth it right now. If I lived closer, I might do it.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      two giant bags of dog food for my giant dog – the price difference in the same weight of dog food from the grocery store [in smaller bags] is $43. my sam’s club membership is $45. dog eats approximately 4 membership fees worth of savings per year.

    • mister_deez says:

      I dont know if you guys have a Kroger where you live but most of the time I can get the same if not better price at Kroger without having to buy in bulk.

  8. Gman says:

    Phil? Is that you?


    Seriously: Was kind of hoping for more concrete info. Like actual steps to do a few things. It is great to say you should refinance but for the layman actually getting it done is a long laborious practice in frustration. The article would have been far better served by helping folks find out or link to how to do them.

  9. Opdelt says:

    This has to be one of the worst consumerist articles in a long time.

  10. j2.718ff says:

    “Hiring help”… no. This will not save me money! I’m salaried. I can’t go into the office for a few extra hours and get extra money to pay someone to clean my house. And even if I was hourly, it’s unlikely my employer would jump at the opportunity to pay me for overtime.

    Yeah, paying someone to do stuff for you may make your life easier/happier/less hectic. What it won’t do is save you money!

    • lihtox says:

      Working more might get you a promotion or a better job, but that is a gamble.

      I’m in the reverse situation: as an unemployed professor with two kids, I have to decide whether teaching a class as an adjunct will pay for the childcare and the transportation costs. Adjunct pay *sucks*.

      • Jane_Gage says:

        The community college near me has a childcare center. Failing that try dumping them in a child development class.

    • lihtox says:

      Working more might get you a promotion or a better job, but that is a gamble.

      I’m in the reverse situation: as an unemployed professor with two kids, I have to decide whether teaching a class as an adjunct will pay for the childcare and the transportation costs. Adjunct pay *sucks*.

    • Jillia says:

      Yea, I feel like the headline is misleading. Should read more like “5 things that might be worth splurging on.”

  11. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:


  12. failurate says:

    How do you folks feel about “Road Hazard” programs for tire purchases? I declined it on a set of tires I bought in the fall, it is around $60 per set of tires.

    This spring I found a nail in one of the tires. Took it to a tire shop to get fixed, too close to the sidewall to repair. Took it someplace else for a second opinion, same results.
    $160 for a new tire. I am not certain the road hazard program would have helped much. The one I looked at from Tire-Rack seems to specify $25 per repair, which seems kind of useless.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      Sams club will fix your flat tires for free if you have a membership, also the AAA seems to be doing tire repair when you call for a flat tire for a nominal fee now, we paid $10 to have a pancake tire repaired instantly on the spot, well worth it. You can’t get a flat repaired for that price anywhere around here, I am guessing most places are $25 or more for a simple flat repair. Might be worth a membership if you get a lot of flats. But these won’t help you if your tire cannot be repaired.

  13. suez says:

    Huh, when my money shrank, I cut back on events and vacations, period. I must be doing it wrong.

    • Jillia says:

      Seriously. As I stated above, (in the article) how does “Skip the Nosebleeds” save me money??? Sounds like if you’re that strapped, maybe concerts and sporting events just aren’t fitting into your budget.

      I’m sorry but this article is crap.

  14. gman863 says:

    Stock up on stuff you know you’ll use when it’s on sale.

    Watch the ads at Office Depot, Staples, etc. You can often get brand name copy paper for less than the generic junk Sam’s sells. If you have a coupon (“$10 off a $50 purchase), it makes it even better – plus you can often get free delivery; no backaches from carrying cases of paper.

    Buy your favorite brands of detergent, paper products and other non-perishables when they’re on sale. With in-store coupons plus a $10 instant rebate, I recently purchased a year’s supply of Tide for around $4/bottle – almost half off the normal price.

  15. NCB says:

    I agree about the clothes, Good, classic work clothes (pants, skirts, shoes) can always be updated with different tops and blouses and they last years.

    And you don’t always need to stay in a Hilton, Marriott or Sheraton on vacation when all you need is a safe, clean and convenient place to sleep. Most of the mid tier chains and the “express” versions the larger chains usually are great and offer a free breakfast. I really want nothing more than coffee, juice and a bagel or cereal anyway but most now offer hot waffles and some even have eggs, biscuits etc. And most importantly, the wifi is usually free.

  16. Ragman says:

    “Buying high-quality tools can save time, money and a leaky drain or two if you learn to use them correctly.”

    The big money saving tip is KNOWING how to use the tools to fix something yourself. I’ve saved some crazy money by working on stuff myself.

  17. Paul @ The Frugal Toad says:

    Buying quality can save you money in the long run, be sure to do your research before you buy.

  18. Mr. Bill says:

    Walking my dog is fun not work. After a rough day at work it is the best therapy.

  19. StopGougingMeThere! says:

    This is EXCELLENT advice folks.

    When I need my golden crowns cleaned, I’ve found that it’s so much cheaper to hire a local wench to clean them for me then possibly soil my $500 manicured finger nails. Also, I only buy the finest robes and fur coats because it’s one of the best ways I can show the peasants how much more important I am than they are and my ivory business cards–made from the tusks of elephants of course–impress all the lords and ladies in my court. I haven’t really felt the need however to refinance the castle since I basically inherited it but I do have my personal pillagers, er…I mean, BANKERS….making sure my subjects pay their tributes to me for THEIR houses and it has been quite effective at increasing my own personal finances. As for fun, front and center is absolutely the way to go, especially at public beheadings which currently are all the rage in my kingdom. Heck, I even save money their by having the bodies burned in the furnace under my castle which helps heat the place.

    Thank you Consumerist for sharing these wonderful trade secrets.