DirecTV: You Can't Cancel $198 NFL Package Until Next Month

It was pretty thoughtful of DirecTV to automatically renew Pete’s $198 NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. You know, in case he forgot. He didn’t forget, actually, and he was planning to discontinue his subscription to the package. He can’t. The auto-renew stands, and he won’t be allowed to cancel the package until a month after the auto-renewal notice. You know, just in case he forgets.

As a long-time DirecTV subscriber I’ve always been happy with their product and customer service, but this is shady. just received my latest electronic statement (portion attached) which noted they’ll auto-renew me for their NFL Sunday Ticket 2012, at a total of $198. Logged into their site to have it removed, can’t do so online. Called their 800# to have it removed; told that I can’t until the 3rd week of June.

DirecTV subscribers, beware! They are getting shady!


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