Would You Return $1,800 In Cash You Found At An ATM?

Just imagine — no need to insert your card or tap in your PIN, there’s money sitting right there, sticking out of an ATM deposit slot, waiting for you to pocket it. Would you do it, or would you go the honest route like a Florida woman who turned in the $1,800 in cash she found?

You’ve got to admit it would be pretty tempting, but we like to think that most of us would do the right thing if faced with “free money.”

CBSMiami says a 46-year-old bank customer pulled up to a drive-through Chase ATM, and noticed there was a bunch of money stuck partway into the deposit slot. She didn’t see any other cars around, so she tried to shove the cash into the deposit slot. The machine wouldn’t take it, so she held onto the money and called the police.

Police are holding on to the money for now, until bank officials figure out which customer failed at their deposit. Officers thanked the woman for “her honesty and compassion, and for doing the right thing.”

Free money is a tempting thing, so kudos to you, honest lady! And remember, everyone — the “finders, keepers” rule won’t hold up in court.

S. Fla. Woman Turns in $1,800 Cash Found At Drive-Thru ATM [CBSMiami]

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