The "Alcohol-Free" Part Of A Daiquiri Order For 4-Year-Olds Is The Key Phrase

We’ve seen it too many times by now — ordering kids a beverage that in no way should include alcohol and then, woopsies, there’s booze in a 4-year-old’s cup. In this case, two boys, both 4, reportedly got alcoholic strawberry daiquiris, sending one of the kids to the hospital.

Tampa Bay Online says two moms are claiming their sons were given alcohol at a local Frenchy’s. The boys had earned a special treat, so the moms ordered alcohol-free strawberry daiquiris. Yum.

One of the boys finished his drink super quick, in about 10 minutes. His mother says he then started throwing up.

“It was not good,” she said. The other boy didn’t have as much to drink.

When the check arrived, they realized the $6 non-alcoholic drinks likely contained booze.

“Right then, I told [the waitress] that we had a problem because you served two 4-year-olds, and one of them is extremely intoxicated,” said one mom.

They called the cops and the sick boy was taken to the hospital. A police spokeswoman says a waitress had pressed the wrong button on the drink order, but no charges are pending because it’s believed to have been an accident.

While Frenchy’s corporate office has declined to comment, the moms say workers at the restaurant were concerned and called to check on the kids. They want a system to prevent this from happening again.

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Children accidentally served alcohol at Clearwater Beach restaurant [Tampa Bay Online]

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