Olive Garden Accidentally Serves 10-Year-Old A Rum Cocktail

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new “kid gets booze at chain restaurant” story, so, take it away, Olive Garden: Police say a 10-year-old boy made his way through half a rum cocktail at an Olive Garden in Indianapolis before the waitress realized her mistake. His family said he wasn’t acting like his normal self. Booze will have that effect.

Local WISH News says the boy’s mom had ordered him a kid’s drink, a Wildberry Frullato. But the waitress accidentally dropped off a four-ounce rum drink in front of the boy, and he proceeded to drink half of it. No adults at the table had ordered alcohol.

The waitress realized she had done something wrong and told her supervisor. His mom says management assured her the boy would be fine, but the family took him to a local hospital. Alcohol was discovered in his system, and an officer at the hospital said the boy seemed “shaken up” but “alert.”

There have been a spate of incidents somewhat recently involving minors accidentally imbibing alcohol at chain restaurants, including a Japanese restaurant serving sake to a 2-year-old; Outback Steakhouse giving a 4-year-old a free vodka slushie; tequila smoothies at a Chili’s for three kids — and the list goes on. This isn’t even Olive Garden’s first brush with accidental booze. They reportedly put sangria in a sippy cup for a toddler just a year ago.

*Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

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