Pizza Hut Thinks We Should Eat Pasta With Our Fingers

Jeff and his wife were traveling, and had a hankering for one of Pizza Hut’s pasta dishes. They ordered up some starch-laden caloriffic goodness from The Hut’s website, then followed up with a phone call to say, “hey, we’re staying in a motel, can you send along some plastic forks?” This was evidently too much for the local Pizza Hut to handle. Which is kind of odd, considering that they deliver food and all.

My wife and I travel a great deal, and spend several nights a month in motels and hotels. After a hard day’s work, we decided to order delivery of some Pasta from Pizza Hut, via their website.

Our order confirmation email included a number to call for the local restaurant, in case we wanted to add or change the order. I called the number to ask that they please include some forks and napkins, as we were in a motel room without a kitchen. The telephone rep was apparently at a call center…she told me that Pizza Hut doesn’t have Forks or Napkins, and then said she’d call the local restaurant to confirm. She put me on hold for a minute, and then came back on the line to confirm that indeed, they do not have Forks or Napkins. The order was delivered….we just had to improvise.

Seems kind of ridiculous that a delivery restaurant expects us to eat with our hands….

Yeah, yeah. He should make his own forks at home.

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