Shareholders To Weigh In On Whether Kraft's Mondelez Is Too Silly Of A Name

The collective “who now what’s that huh?” uttered when Kraft announced it was naming its spin-off snack business “Mondelez” — a combination of Latin words for “world” and “delicious” — and resulting jokes will no doubt factor in to a shareholder meeting that will decide whether the name is officially approved or not.

Shareholders will vote on Wednesday to decide if Mondelez is here to stay, says the Associated Press, no doubt providing another chance for a flurry of sarcastic punch lines.

Mondelez was chosen by Kraft after asking its employees for suggestions on how to have the snack business appeal to a global audience. And somehow, Mondelez won the renaming contest out of 1,700 entries.

Some other potential names: “Panvoro” (Latin for eating); “tfark” (Kraft backwards!) and the odd and inexplicable “Arrtx” —” (flows off the tongue!).

The names went through consumer focus groups to see if any had negative associations, and apparently, Mondelez performed well. Although some consumers did say Mondelez was strikingly similar to a vulgar Russian term for a sex act. Seems that wasn’t too big of a worry, however.

If shareholders decide against the name, the company will simply continue to exist as Kraft Foods Inc. Safe to say there’s no Russian sex acts with that name… we think.

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