Comcast: Arson Ain't A Good Excuse For Lost Equipment, So Pay Up

It wasn’t enough that a woman lost her apartment in a fire set by an arsonist– including most of her belongings, but then Comcast had to make it all worse by demanding she pay up for the two cable boxes and a router she failed to save in the fire.

Jamie was sleeping when the fire was set to the apartment building she lives in. She had a few seconds to get out, reports KDKA in Pittsburgh, so she grabbed her cat, her lock box and her purse. You know, the important stuff.

“We made it out with our lives,” she said. “We lost everything.”

Afteward, she says Comcast sent her two bills for $619 for the equipment that burned up with the rest of her stuff. She called repeatedly, trying to explain that the apartment burned down, it wasn’t her fault and she had nothing left.

Finally when she called KDKA and a reporter spoke to Comcast, the company gave in and said she wouldn’t have to pay. Shame, it works wonders.

“In cases where people don’t have renter’s insurance, we’ll waive those fees,” said a spokesperson.

*Thanks for the tip, Bruce!

Arson Victim Billed for Equipment Lost in Fire [KDKA Pittsburgh]

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