Texas Farm Bureau Applauds Domino's For Keeping Pigs In Small Cages

Just how much room pigs need to root around and snuffle is a hotly debated topic. And while some fast food chains have moved to phase out confining gestation crates for pigs, Domino’s recently decided to continue using the controversial devices — and is receiving some love from the Texas Farm Bureau for doing so.

The Dallas Observer points out that the Texas Farm Bureau gave the pizza chain a hearty slap on the back after Domino’s shareholders recently rejected a resolution suggested by the Humane Society of the United States for a ban on gestation crates.

Other large food chains, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Safeway have all announced plans to phase out the use of the small cages, which prevent sows from moving around.

The publications director for the Texas Farm Bureau, Mike Barnett, is pleased as punch with Domino’s and its decision, posting a letter on the bureau’s blog praising it for “showing some backbone to the animal rights activist group,” while others “caved to their demands, fearing HSUS will stir public outcry and reprisal if they don’t.”

He adds that research and science should determine what animal welfare standards should be, instead of “animal rights activist groups” trying to end food-animal production.

Meanwhile, the HSUS has a different opinion. Its policy director Matthew Prescott says:

We’re a nation of animal lovers. We care very much about how animals are treated and that doesn’t stop on the farm. American farmers have a long history of innovation and the Texas Farm Bureau and Pork Producers Council refusal to address these issues really sells farmers short. I think farmers want to farm. They don’t want to run a factory of widgets lined up in a row. They should take note of that and let farmers be farmers.

The Texas Farm Bureau Applauds Domino’s Support For Gestation Crates, Orders a Pizza [Dallas Observer]

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