Probably You Should Log Out Of Facebook Before Robbing An Internet Cafe

Oh, you silly criminals. You’ve got it all planned out — the guns, the demands for money, the getaway vehicle. But when it comes to social networking, even the best laid plans for doing dastardly deeds can come unraveled. Such was the case for two men who allegedly robbed an Internet cafe in Colombia.

According to MSNBC, a story in Spanish in the publication El Tiempo says two men were hanging out an Internet cafe, just doing some normal interwebby stuff, before going to the register and demanding money at gunpoint. Once they had the cash, they escaped on a motorcycle.

An employee called the police, who discovered that even robbers set on stealing some cash like to see what their pals are doing on Facebook. One man had remained logged in on the social network, giving the cops a starting point to find his address and subsequently arrest him.

It’s almost as much of a smoking gun as say, posting a picture of yourself committing a crime on Facebook for anyone to see.

Men rob Internet cafe at gunpoint, forget to log out of Facebook [MSNBC]

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