Oscar Mayer Lifts Veil Of Secrecy On Ingredients With New Line Of Meats

Pink slime backlash is seeping into all things meat related. If a consumer is going to eat some meat, companies are figuring out that hey, maybe they’d like to know what exactly it is that’s going into their bodies. Which is why Oscar Mayer has announced a new line of meats with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

The Chicago Tribune says Oscar Mayer’s new Selects line is an attempt to give its customers “more simple, everyday ingredients.” You know, instead of things like polyacetonaloxalamideatrous No. 11. Which is made up, but for all that the common consumer knows about strings of weird science-y sounding substances, could very well be listed in the ingredients of processed foods.

Selects includes 12 meat varieties, ranging from six hot dogs, five cold cuts and bacon, and is now on grocery store shelves around the country.

“More and more, consumers today want simple, everyday ingredients they know and trust,” Heather Buettner, Oscar Mayer’s senior director of new product development, said in a press release. “They want food they can feel good about that is affordable and easy to find.”

Selects Hot Dogs were previously launched in 2010, and have done well with consumers, says the company. By 2012, Oscar Mayer wants to have 50% of its new products to be free of artificial preservatives.

Osar Meyer frees Selects of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives [Chicago Tribune]

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