McDonald's Soda Thief Can't Catch A Break, Is Arrested At Pizza Hut

The man who became a bit infamous for swiping a $1 soda refill from a McDonald’s last month is in hot fast food water (sorry for that imagery, eww) again — this time after an incident at Pizza Hut in Naples, Fla.

United Press International says the man, who is known to be homeless, was arrested outside of Pizza Hut last week and charged with misdemeanor trespassing. He was previously slapped with a felony misdemeanor charge in the McDonald’s soda case, because of previous charges he had stacked up.

The man was spotted outside Pizza Hut* at 3:30 a.m. last Monday, and because he had been involved in a recent incident at the same Pizza Hut, officers stopped to speak to him. Back in February, he’d been in trouble for trespassing and open-container violations, and was banned from Pizza Hut.

He claims he was back at Pizza Hut this time because he’d dropped his lighter.

*The Pizza Hut pictured is not the location involved.

McDonald’s soda thief arrested again []

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