Macy's Actually Has No Idea What Your Credit Card Number Is

From what we’re hearing at Consumerist HQ, it’s easy to picture what goes on at Macy’s credit card headquarters. When a check arrives, someone throws it in the air, and then it’s applied to whatever completely random bill it lands on. That might help explain what happened to Joe, or not. He doesn’t even know what his account number is supposed to be in the first place, and no one in the credit card department does, either.

I opened a Macy’s credit card account approximately two months ago, and when I received my first statement I paid the entire balance of $268.12 in full. To my surprise, I received a statement the next month indicating that my payment had not been received and indicating that I was charged a $25.00 late payment fee.

I immediately checked with my bank and verified that the check had posted on April 30, 2012. I then contacted the customer service number on my statement to attempt to resolve the issue.

After waiting on hold I was able to speak with a customer service rep who was, after a time, able to adjust my account. I noted to him that I noticed that my account number was different than the number on my card, and suggested that that may have been the cause for the mix up as I had written the number on my card on the check, which apparently is not my account number. I asked him to please explain to me which number I should write on future checks to ensure that they are credited to my account appropriately.

He indicated that he could not tell me that, as it depended on how I used the card. Frustrated, I asked him again, when I get my next statement from Macy’s what account number should I write on my check to ensure that it is credited correctly. He again refused to answer that question. Even more frustrated now, I requested that my account be closed and I asked to speak with his supervisor. After closing my account without a word, he first refused to connect me to a supervisor, and said that there was nothing the supervisor could do for me.

When I insisted, he did put his supervisor on the line who again told me first that he could not tell me which account number to write on my check to ensure it was credited appropriately. After much back and forth, he finally told me to put my Macy’s account number on the check. When, in exasperation, I asked why the previous rep couldn’t answer that question, he told me he did not know. He then promptly ended the call.

At no point during the call did anyone offer an apology, or indicate in any way shape or form that my business was important to Macy’s and try to retain me as a customer. As a result, not only have I cancelled my card but I will not shop at Macy’s again. The representatives and supervisors lax attitude an unwillingness to answer a simple question did nothing but cost the company business.

I have contacted Macy’s, but I am not optimistic about their response.

Macy’s Can’t Keep Track Of Who Made Which Payments On Whose Credit Account

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