Why You Shouldn't Use PayPal On Target.com At All

In past reader stories posted to this site, we’ve learned that if you you use PayPal to buy an item from Target online, then later return it, you’re only going to get store credit back. That’s cool if you shop at Target a lot, but not so cool if you don’t. Now Bethany has discovered an exciting and infuriating variation on this concept. If you order something from Target using PayPal and it’s never delivered, sure, you’ll get a refund. In the form of an e-gift card to Target.

I ordered two baby shower gifts for my cousin. They delivered the small one (an item I purchased so I could push myself over the free shipping limit) but not the main gift. I called to complain and their agent wouldn’t talk to me unless I figured out the three year old address on the PayPal account I used. Ten minutes later, I figured it out. They told me you refunded me the cost of the item because they were unable to deliver to the address (they figured out the other gift just fine), but not the shipping or the tax.

Finally after arguing with them they agreed to refund me that also. Then after I hung up I got an eGiftCard in my email. A refund is not an eGiftCard – I don’t want to go through this with them again. They claim they will only refund PayPal purchases in that way. I just want my money back in a currency where I don’t have to shop at their store again. It’s through no fault of my own that this item wasn’t delivered.

Pay Target.com With PayPal And Return Stuff, Only Get Store Credit

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