Linksys: Where A 1-Year Warranty Sort Of Isn't A 1-Year Warranty

Yes, Linksys products ostensibly have a one-year warranty, but there’s a catch. When Cody tried to contact them to replace a router, he learned that in order to actually use that original warranty, you need to pay extra. Specifically, after the first 90 days, you need to pay for either phone or chat support to talk to a real person who can authorize the return of your defective router.

I just tried to get a wireless router replaced that is less then a year old but out of the 90-day phone support. According to linksys, that meant that i had to pay to talk to some one to get my router replaced for free under warranty. To me, that sounds like their warranty is only 90 days and not 1 year. Switching to netgear or d-link for now on, maybe.

So the warranty is free, but you need to pay extra to use it. Got it.

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