Allied Van Rentals: We Didn't Deliver Wrong Mattress, You Just Forgot Wetting The Bed

Mike used a local Allied affiliate for his cross-country move, and everything seemed okay. Until he unwrapped his Serta mattress and found that he had received the wrong one. How did he know this? Well, the one at his house hadn’t been covered with urine stains. Or so he says. Allied, for one, doesn’t believe him.

t I recently moved from [redacted], and paid the local Allied affiliate, [redacted], to handle my most precious belongings. For a 1 bedroom house I was charged $3,050.

All went well, and I was given my Sealy pillowtop mattress, or so I thought. Upon further inspection later that evening, I noticed that not only was I given someone else’s mattress, but it was covered in urine stains. Human pee. Gross.

While the matter is still being investigated, the movers are lying to cover their tracks, and Allied is telling me that unless I can come up with some hardcore proof that I haven’t wet the bed in the past year and a half, I’m screwed.

If restitution is not made I will definitely be filing suit in small claims court. Perhaps there is also a statute for delivering furniture soaked in another human being’s bodily fluids? Like some biohazard scenario?

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