Personal Finance Roundup

9 Thrifty, Meaningful Gifts For Mom [SavvySugar] “It’s tough to find a gift that will reflect your appreciation.”

10 ways to slash your medical costs [MSN Money] “Want to keep your health costs low the easy way? Avoid doing the bad things that tend to land you in the doctor’s office.”

If You’re Under 40, Don’t Bank on Social Security [Wall Street Journal] “If Plan A in your retirement scheme is Social Security, it’s time to start working on Plan B.”

10 Things You Should Do Immediately After Losing Your Wallet [Wise Bread] “Here is a checklist for you, featuring some very important numbers and a little advice that you should follow today to help you keep your valuables safe and make reporting a lost wallet a lot easier.”

7 Bargain Summer Destinations [Smart Money] “Here are seven spots at home and abroad where experts say the lodging deals are sweet enough to offset higher travel costs:”


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