At Sears Card, 24-Hour Customer Service Means 'Whenever We Feel Like It'

Citibank now administers the Sears Card, but in order to keep their branding consistent, Citi is sure to keep the experience of dealing with Sears Card just as confusing and customer-unfriendly as dealing directly with Sears. That’s what Cat discovered while trying to contact their customer service, anyway. While the number on the card promises “24-hour customer service,” in the evening, there’s actually no way to get through.

My Sears Card has a phone number for “24-hour customer service.” I called it, and at 10 p.m. Saturday, it’s closed. So, 24 hours? Not so much.

I went to the credit card’s website,, in hopes of getting in touch with customer service. There’s another “24-hour customer service” number on the website, so I called it. Same thing, different voice message telling me to call back when they’re open (no information on when those hours are though.)

I noticed a Contact Us button on their website, and filled out an online form in hopes of getting some customer service relief. After hitting Send Message, I get a Page Not Found.
Thanks, Sears Card.

Update: We got this statement on the situation from our friends at CIti:

The customer service call center for the Sears Credit Card issued by Citi is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We apologize for the negative experience this customer had and will try to reach out to her to understand what happened.

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