US Airways Now Offering Priority Boarding For A Fee


Add another airline to the list of carriers that sells upgrades to priority boarding and the use of the speedier security checkpoint lanes, to passengers not flying in first class.

Yesterday, US Airways announced the launch of its new PreferredAccess program, which gives travelers priority check-in privileges, access to priority security lanes at terminals where they are available and priority boarding (i.e., Zone 1 boarding, meaning you get on the plane after Envoy, First Class, and Dividend Miles Preferred travelers) at the following 21 airports:
Charlotte, N.C.
Frankfurt, Germany
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Newark, N.J.
New York (LGA)
Orlando, Fla.
San Francisco
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tampa, Fla.
Washington, D.C. (DCA)

The airline says it will expand that list to 39 cities later this year.

So what does it cost? The airline says the price starts at $10 each way, but doesn’t explain what would cause that price to go up or what the maximum would be. Delta and United’s priority boarding upsells start at $9 each way.

Passengers willing to part with the fee would do so while performing their online check-in before their flight.

US Airways Offers Option to Buy Priority Airport Access [CNBC]

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