High School Drama Class Produces Entire Musical About Wegmans

Northeastern grocery chain Wegmans inspires the same kind of fanatical devotion in consumers as iPhone releases or “Twilight” movie premieres. So when a Wegmans store opened in Northboro, Mass., people camped out overnight awaiting their opportunity to storm the bulk candy aisle and buy $6 prepared meals, or something. Students in a local high school’s advanced drama class tapped into the zeitgeist, and have created an entire musical about the chain. It may be the world’s longest grocery store commercial.

“I was just feeling all around me the excitement and buzz about Wegmans. It seemed like an event, it seemed like a good idea to create a musical about,” their teacher told the Worcester Telegram.

The show grew out of improv exercises earlier in the school year where students sang about Wegmans. Its plot centers on dueling twin brothers who work at Wegmans and at a competitor, and a spy sent to steal the secrets of Wegmans who instead falls in love with the store.

Wegmans the musical? Algonquin students turn food shopping into melodic drama [Worcester Telegram] (via The Rochesterian)

Update, 5/15/12:

Here is what we know you’ve all been waiting for: a clip from the musical.

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