GE Makes Customer Happy By Actually Responding To, And Resolving, Problem

GE may not have the best public image — and it’s certainly no help that it was portrayed on 30 Rock as a lumbering dinosaur left over from a bygone age — but one Consumerist reader says he was pleasantly surprised by how well the company responded to his problem.

Adam says he was cleaning out his GE refrigerator last night when some glass-on-glass contact resulted in a shattered shelf.

Since a piece of wire with a few remaining shards of glass does not a shelf make, Adam decided he’d reach out to GE for advice:

Hopped on Twitter today to ask @GE_Appliances for some assistance and not only did they reply within an hour on Twitter, but referred me to their customer service email.

I sent over a picture of the shelf, the product/serial# label from the inside of the fridge, and a schematic diagram I found online and referred to the piece I needed. Their customer service asked a few simple questions and were able to resolve the situation very quickly.

The replacement glass piece will be in the mail today at zero cost to me on a 4 yr. old refrigerator.

Clearly they did not have to do this, but I am grateful to see such prompt replies and generosity from such a large corporation who you usually would think loses touch with their customers.

Now this may have just been a rogue GE staffer who will be fired once this story goes public, but the reason we post stories like this is to remind companies that good customer service — that is, customer service that actually listens to the problem and does its best to resolve the issue — often results in people singing your praises.

Adds Adam, “Jack Donaghy would be proud!!”


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  1. consumed says:

    Awhile back I bought some 5 gallon water bottles and I lost the screw-on caps to them. I wrote a letter to the company who manufactured them asking for 2 replacement caps, and they sent me not 2, but 3 caps in the mail, at their expense! I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when rogue staffers feel that customer service is important. Thank you, Pimplastic, Inc of Laredo, TX.

  2. ScandalMgr says:

    Excellent Customer Service example:

    Me: “Hello, GE? Listen, about that 1st Generation Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor you built 40 years ago?”

    GE: “Yes, that was certified safe for 20 years, but we got license extensions every year since, whats the problem?”

    Me: “Well, its melted down, and 220 more of them are still in operation around the planet. Now my community had to evacuate for, uh, 20,000 years until the Iodine-129 levels drop”

    GE: “We’ll get right on that with a replacement planet.”

    • Press1forDialTone says:

      The incident in Japan has been wrongly blamed on the GE reactor(s) involved.
      The real truth is that the company that bought the reactors DEFIED directives
      from GE (who went all the way to the Japanese government to appeal) to NOT place
      the backup generators in a valley instead of high up on a rise where they would have
      been safe from the tsunami. The submerged generators of course would not work,
      and the result is the fault of the power company, NOT General Electric. GE has the
      best safety record for its Mark series of small medium and large reactors of any
      company anywhere in the world. Quit being a smart ass and get your facts straight.

  3. MrMagoo is usually sarcastic says:

    I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt that GE brings good things to living. In fact, they bring good things to life.

  4. mbz32190 says:

    I don’t know why or how, but I have had good luck with GE Appliances. My house came with the cheapest-of-the cheap builder-grade GE dishwasher and garbage disposal, and slightly upgraded stove. All three are almost 17 years old and not one has had a single repair. The Whirlpool fridge broke once and I’m on my 3rd set of washer and dryers (none being GE). I hope they are still building stuff to last, but probably not as well as even 17 years ago.

    • Sunrisecarole says:

      I have good luck with GE as well. Hope this doesn’t jinx me by saying it.

      I was also much impressed with Hamilton Beach a couple months ago when I contacted them after breaking the plastic device that protects your hand when using a meat slicer. I totally expected to buy it, but couldn’t find one even on Amazon. They sent me one with no charge. I LOVE good service…and I love telling other CONSUMERS here.

    • Press1forDialTone says:

      If you don’t buy into all the high-tech goo-gaws that you will never use anyway,
      GE, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, (and the rest of the ‘old guard’) still make the best
      appliances in the world.

  5. tofupuppy says:

    Yay for happy consumer stories! I recently had a Pyrex baking dish shatter in my hands and the CSR I spoke to not only sent a replacement baking dish (Corningware, as I was understandably reluctant to experience another Pyrex explosion), but several extra smaller Corningware pieces as an apology/gift. I’m thrilled and telling everyone how great an experience it was.

  6. Shine-runner says:

    I have a GE microwave the manufacture date is 11/11 it quit working last month. I bought it in 12/11. It like all GE products was built to last.

    • HalOfBorg says:

      Things break. Brand new Cadillac can break down. It’s what they do when it breaks that matters to me. (and if there is a design defect of course)

  7. scoosdad says:

    The next thing we’ll hear from Adam is that a big box full of glass shards arrived at his house. It would have been his intact glass shelf had it not been for the FedEx driver tossing it over his fence into the yard.

  8. HalOfBorg says:

    I have a Sauder computer desk (particle board furniture) and the keyboard shelf slides were worn out, so I called to see if I could buy new ones. They sent me them for free. They were the wrong ones, so I called again (still asking to buy them) and they again sent them for free – correct ones this time. Didn’t even want the wrong ones back.

    I know it’s little cost to them, but it buys so much customer loyalty.

  9. SharkD says:

    I don’t see why Jack Donaghy would care, before Sheinhardt/Universal sold NBC to Kabletown, he was GE’s Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming.

    I fail to see how refrigerator repair stories are relevant to his demeanor.

    According to counsel, I should probably refrain from further commenting on issues related to GE, NBC and Kabletown, given my pending litigation against Winnipeg Iron Works, the Ahp Chanagi Party Meats Corporation and, over the horrible, horrible burns I received over 98% of my body, while using a Whoopi Goldberg Meat Machine to make a ham-salami-chicken-pastrami-and-grilled-cheese sandwich.

  10. debjwhe says:

    Adam is an exception to GE’s customer service. They were awful to us. No satisfaction offered, at all.