Pabst Distributor Replaces Beer Stolen At Forkpoint From College Student

We can’t imagine how bereft one must feel after having a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon forcefully stolen at forkpoint. But we do know what it’s like to get free beer, so we’re pretty happy that a Pabst distributor tried to right the wrong done to one theft victim by giving her free cases of PBR.

After WOWT News 6 in Nebraska reported the story of a college student who had her beer wrongfully taken from her, a local distributor attempted to make it up to her.

Last week at 11 p.m. in Lincoln, men approached a patio and asked those on it for a beer.

“We asked them to leave and one guy showed what looked like a knife,” said the victim. Instead, a man grabbed a PBR and ran off with it. Police escorted him back later to be identified and arrested, and the worst part of all –Â he hadn’t even finished the beer. Oh, and that knife turned out to be a fork.

Luckily, Rick from Pabst was paying attention to the news, and wanted to help.

“We’re really sorry what happened to you last week with someone taking your beer from you,” he said, and even carried the new cases of beer to the victim’s home and joined her and her friends for a drink.

“My parents will be so proud,” she said of having the beer man himself over for a little tipple.

Video Update: College Senior Robbed of Beer []


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  1. AngryK9 says:

    B double E double R-U-N

  2. kobresia says:

    Hipsters running amok.

  3. gman863 says:

    Given the a-hole stole Pabst, doesn’t this actually belong under stupid crook news?

  4. Coffee says:

    If having your beer stolen qualified for special treatment, I’m owed about 3124134 cases of everything I drank in college.

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    What WOWT News 6 in Nebraska didn’t mention was that the woman bought the Pabst Blue Ribbon because she didn’t have enough money to get the Heineken she really wanted.

    • Chmeeee says:

      Heineken? If you’re going to give PBR the beer snob put-down, at least choose something worth upgrading too. If I’m not willing to pay for actual good beer (more $$ than Heineken), then I’ll just drop all the way to PBR, it’s not bad for cheap crap.

  6. ILoveBacon says:

    TThe thief was doing her a favor, taking the beer before she had to suffer through the rest of it.

  7. ILoveBacon says:

    TThe thief was doing her a favor, taking the beer before she had to suffer through the rest of it.

  8. El_Fez says:

    But we do know what it’s like to get free beer,

    . . . and yet they got Pabst Blue Ribbon instead. I thought they were getting free beer?

  9. Worsel says:

    Wait, Pabst is beer?

  10. milkcake says:

    PBR + Oysters = WIN

  11. framitz says:

    Ah, the glorification of alcohol.

  12. Sian says:


  13. Southern says:

    While it’s a cute story, why on Earth would she think [i]”{Her}parents would be so proud”[/i]

    Proud of what? That she was robbed at fork-point? That she got the beer man to drink a beer with her? That she was shown drinking a beer on national TV?

    She’s got a funny sense of “Proud” in any other those cases.

    • Beef Supreme says:

      Sarcasm. Find some. Don’t come back to the interwebs until you do.


      The rest of us

    • dpeters11 says:

      If someone came up to me at night, looking like they were brandishing a weapon, I’d assume it could seriously injure.

      And we don’t know her parents. They could be actually proud.

  14. NumberSix says:

    Filthy hipster.

  15. Aiesline says:

    Talk about your inexpensive good media!

  16. Cream Of Meat says:

    Should a pregnant lady be drinking?