Two Geese Have The Misfortune To Fly Into Plane, Prompting Emergency Landing

Another bird strike in less than a week ended safely for everyone aboard a JetBlue flight departing from Westchester County Airport in New York last night. Two geese had the unfortunate luck to fly directly into the plane’s windshield after takeoff — they didn’t fare so well. And don’t worry, the news coverage shows all the bloody bits of bird body aftermath.

NBC New York says the flight, which was heading to West Palm Beach, Fla., made an emergency landing right after the birds smacked into the aircraft.

“The birds were flying across the runway at the time,” said Jeremy Nielson, operations supervisor at the airport. “I think the pilot said at about 300 feet, they struck the birds.”

Just to be on the safe side, the captain opted to declare an emergency situation and return to the gate, said a JetBlue spokesman. All 54 passengers and crew members were uninjured.

Although it looked like a pretty gory scene for the geese, the birds didn’t do much damage to the plane, on first inspection. Passengers were moved to another plane and continued on their way about an hour and a half later.

Just last week, a Delta flight bound for Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport after encountering a bird strike.

Flight Returns to Westchester After Bird Strike [NBC New York]

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