A Million People Download Instagram For Android & Annoy All Their iPhone Friends

Just the other day, you might’ve been enviously watching your roommate flip through his Instagram pictures on his iPhone, shooting your Android sullen glances for its Instagram deficiency. But then, then there was yesterday –¬†when one million downloads of Instagram for Android went flying through space and into eager hands.

CNET says Android users rushed into the waiting arms of Instagram in large flocks during yesterday’s official appearance of the app on Google Play. Previously, 430,000 people had pre-registered for the product.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told the New York Times yesterday that the app was grabbing 2,000 people each minute following its debut.

Of course, until yesterday, Instagram was sacred ground to iPhone users, and was named app of the year for the phone by Apple in 2011. Judging by the massive outpouring of disgruntled iPhoners on social networking sites bemoaning the influx of Androiders, many of the 30 million iOS fans of the app are feeling a bit put out to welcome a million people to their little club of adorably faux-vintage photos with nifty little digital frames.

Sorry! (Not sorry.)

Instagram for Android grabs 1 million downloads on first day [CNET]

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