Disabled Woman Protesting Foreclosure Arrested Outside Home Of Wells Fargo CFO

A woman who suffers from cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheel chair was arrested after protesting the foreclosure of her home outside the house of Wells Fargo Bank Chief Financial Officer Tim Sloan. She claims she’s being punished for a stay in the hospital.

The L.A. Times says the woman was part of a group of around 80 protesters in San Marino, Calif., who had gathered during a two-hour standoff with police on Thursday night. The group was also protesting a city ordinance that require demonstrators to stay 150 feet from a protest target’s home or 75 feet from the curb — which would have meant staging a protest outside another house.

The police did allow the woman to wait for 15 minutes outside Sloan’s door, holding a mortgage payment for her foreclosed home. She’s lived on the property for 27 years, and says Wells Fargo won’t budge and negotiate a loan modification. She says she can now make payments again, after falling behind while being hospitalized.

About 90 minutes into the protest, police declared the assembly illegal and ordered the group to move. The woman refused, and was subsequently taken to police headquarters with the assistance of paramedics.

“I’m doing this because people need to see what the banks are doing. It’s awful. It has to stop,” she said. “When I was down and out in the hospital they took my house.”

Woman facing foreclosure arrested outside bank executive’s home [L.A. Times]

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