I Accidentally Receive Millionaire Stranger's Financial Documents, Not His Cash

If Avi had ever considered using Morgan Stanley to handle his imaginary millions, he’s probably reconsidering now. A UPS envelope showed up at his house with detailed financial statements from a complete stranger. It wasn’t a mixup, since Avi has no relationship with the firm. Why did this show up on his doorstep?

I am not a Morgan Stanley customer. I got a UPS express delivery addressed to me and inside was the complete 2011 financial statement of a complete stranger. It had name, account numbers, detailed financials, along with a business card of the person’s personal wealth manager. I scanned the documents (which showed almost a million in assets on a couple dozen pages) to try to find any connection to me and there was none. Creepy!

I left a voicemail for the person on the business card and shredded the documents.

I have no connection to the Morgan Stanley client, including no similarity of name.

Does Morgan Stanley have a practice of sending personal information of wealthy clients to complete strangers?

It sounds like they wouldn’t have a lot of wealthy clients anymore if they made a habit of it. Glad to hear that Avi shredded it, but how did this envelope ever reach him in the first place?