J. Crew Divides Rewards Points Between Me And Evil Twin

Julie has a secret evil twin with the same name. That’s the only possible explanation for why her favorite store, J. Crew, has decided to split her reward points between two different accounts, neither of which receives enough points to get actual rewards. She wrote to Consumerist not only to complain, but to find out whether there are other customers experiencing the same problem.

I haven’t been receiving rewards from J. Crew recently and I chalked it up to simply not spending enough, but when I went to the site, I found that’s not the case. For whatever reason, the points from my card are being funneled into two different rewards accounts with the same name. They’re split pretty evenly and neither meets the minimum points to earn rewards, but together they do.


I’ve emailed customer support to figure out why this is happening, but I tend to run a pretty high J. Crew bill and I’d like to find out how long this has been happening, something I doubt they’ll help me with. Have you heard of this happening to other people?

I feel a little silly complaining about a rewards program, but it’s really the only reason I keep the card open. I make a big point of making the most of available rewards programs and it feels pretty bad to find that the one from the store I shop at most is misbehaving.

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