New Nook With Reading Light Is Probably Cheaper Than A Divorce Lawyer

Barnes & Noble has launched a new $139 version of its Nook Simple Touch e-reader with a lighted e-ink screen that promises you can read in bed without disturbing your sleeping spouse.

Our connected cohorts at Consumer Reports checked out the e-reader in a darkened press-preview room. Electronics Editor Paul Reynolds and Consumer Reports test engineer Rich Fisco got a close look.

“I think the new Nook promises to offer the most elegant solution yet to the night-time e-reading dilemma in many marriage beds–including my own,” said Reynolds.

For more see the video below from Consumer Reports.


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  1. Polish Engineer says:

    For a less elegant solution, you can use a camping headlamp set to the red night light… or buy a snuggy (get another snuggy and TWO reading lamps free).

  2. firedancerbk says:

    I was just in B&N at their Nook flagship store, I wish I had gone there first before ordering my kindle. The good news is this store (in union square) will get the new Nook 2 weeks before the rest of the country…can’t wait!!!!

  3. elangomatt says:

    They could have done a lot better with the video there and actually shown more of the nook. It would have been nice to see the brightness range a little better. That being said, it looks like a good idea. That has been my biggest complaint for ages about having no light with the Kindle. I know the idea behind no backlight is to get battery life drawn out, but so many people like to read in bed that I would have expected something like this before now.

  4. "I Like Potatoes" says:

    I use my iPod Touch with Kindle app to read in bed when my husband is sleeping. I usually only last about 15 minutes before nodding off.

    • blueman says:

      Glad it works for you, but I don’t think many people would be happy reading on a screen that small.

  5. orchdirector1 says:

    Yes. Considering my divorce was over $50K, a luxury car is cheaper than a divorce lawyer.

    • AllanG54 says:

      I gave my ex the house and a two year old Corvette besides mucho dinero but as my divorce lawyer said…”You know why divorces are so expensive….because they’re worth it !!” Anyhow, I feel your pain.

  6. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    I would love a lighted Kindle, but not the touch screen model (I tend to touch the screen when I nod off, losing my place). Now I use a Mighty Light attached to my Kindle Keyboard. Hubby likes it better than a regular book w/light but a lighted Kindle would disturb him less.

  7. FilthyHarry says:

    I wanted the Nook touch, but got the Nook Color JUST because I like to read in bed without annoying my wife. At the cheap price I might get this one anyway.

  8. AllanG54 says:

    Two weeks ago my wife bought a clip on light for her Nook for just that reason and now they come out with this but that’s what happens when you’re an early adopter.

  9. Andreth says:

    I may have to add this to my collection. I love my nook (have the old 3G version) and wouldn’t give it up for anything, but I don’t like clipping the light to the top. If they send me another email with a $25 gift card when you buy a nook, I’ll probably pick this up.

    Right now I’m coping with an Audible addiction.

  10. vliam says:

    This is why I have an Android tablet.

    At any rate, it’s about time. Sony released their side-lit e-ink reader 4 years ago.

  11. Razor512 says:

    that kind of eink lighting used to be a mod a few years ago