KFC Thailand: Sorry We Told You To Order Chicken During Tsunami Scare

While people were terrified during Wednesday’s earthquake, KFC Thailand decided it was a good idea to remind them that nothing eases the fear of being hit with a potentially-devastating tsunami like a bucket of chicken. Yeah, that didn’t go over so well.

The company is now apologizing for posting a message on its Facebook page during the tsunami scare. While people were being told to evacuate from beach areas, says the Associated Press, KFC Thailand posted:

“Let’s hurry home and follow the earthquake news. And don’t forget to order your favorite KFC menu.”

Yes, right! That’s what they always tell you to do in case of a natural disaster — eat fried food as you head to high ground.

Hundreds of angry commenters hit Thai web boards, denouncing the company as insensitive and selfish. Today, that post has been removed and replaced with one asking for forgiveness.

KFC Thailand apologizes for ‘improper’ Facebook posting during Tsunami Scare [Washington Post]


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  1. Hi_Hello says:

    i think it’s a good idea. who knows, that might be your last meal.

  2. Cat says:

    It was terribly insensitive for KFC to tell people to stop during a natural disaster for a bucket of Fried Chicken. Everyone knows that the proper food during a tsunami evacuation in Thailand is Chicken Pad Thai.

    • Sanspants says:

      I’m partial to Pad See You (that’s a common dish as well, right? I’ll admit to being ignorant to most Thai cuisine).

  3. GMFish says:

    My guess is this was nothing more than a misinterpreted joke. They were clearly being tongue in chick.

  4. lilspooky says:

    Wow…Just Wow!

  5. [censored] says:

    Personally, a bit insensative maybe, a big deal? No.

  6. CaughtLooking says:

    Don’t they know that grease and water don’t mix well?

  7. Conformist138 says:

    Really? Who runs these Twitter accounts? Sometimes I imagine board meetings where the CEO comes in and says, “This is Tommy, my 14 year-old nephew. He has a Facebook account and he got rid of the 30 toolbars that magically appear whenever I download creepy porn. He’s our new Social Media Expert!”

    I take this two ways. One, people in Thailand being told to get chicken as they flee for their lives. Two, people outside the area being told to get chicken like it was a bucket of popcorn and the earthquake news is an exciting new movie they should totally check out cuz it’s pretty rad. Either way, I can’t imagine a person with normal reasoning skills thinking this would actually go over well.

    It’s not the biggest issue ever or the most rage inducing, but it is an awe inspiring level of stupid.

    • elangomatt says:

      Just to be the jerk that checks comments for accuracy, the message was posted on the KFC facebook page, not twitter feed.

  8. Clyde Barrow says:

    This post makes me hungry for KFC tonight for dinner just the same. Think I will.

  9. Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

    Seriously, whoever posted that didn’t think before they posted.

    Silly peoples. /:|

  10. gman863 says:

    BTW, it was a similar social media gaffe that killed off Gilbert Gottfried’s role as the voice of the AFLAC duck.

    After the Japan tsunami, he posted something to tre effect of “The Japanese are lucky: They no longer have to go to the beach; now the beach comes to them.”

  11. isileth says:

    My Grandma would have said that they had the sensitivity of a stone post.

  12. DerangedHermit says:

    “We ask for your forgiveness. And won’t you please buy a bucket as a sign of forgiveness?”

  13. corridor7f says:

    We-ell.. the explosive diarrhea it’s prone to causing could perhaps jettison you out of there.

  14. dg says:

    Well, hey now. While you’re sitting atop the hill watching the water and destruction passing by, I suppose that one could get hungry, and one could find a piece of fried chicken to be quite calming and satisfying – at least until one realizes that it’s KFC and the hershey squirts are about to hit!

  15. jumpycore says:

    after reading about the kid who pissed in a cops KFC (he apparently admitted to doing this multiple times), i haven’t had it since.

  16. Rena says:

    You stay classy, KFC.

    Or were they trying to suggest that their restaurants would make good shelters in an earthquake/tsunami? That’d be quite a selling point.