Study: Cable Bills Could Reach $200/Month By 2020

Right now, the average monthly cable bill — not including any bundled phone or internet services — is around $86. But industry analysts say the non-stop slap fights between cable companies and content providers is only going to send that price soaring in the years to come.

A new report from the NPD Group says that even though wages have flattened in recent years, cable prices have continued to increase by 6% every year. And with those carriage fee disputes only resulting in higher prices for subscribers, NPD predicts that by 2015, the average cable bill will be $123 and will soar to $200 by 2020.

“As pay-TV costs rise and consumers’ spending power stays flat, the traditional affiliate-fee business model for pay-TV companies appears to be unsustainable,” a rep for NPD tells the NY Post.

Cable bills to pass $200 a month by 2020: industry forecast [NY Post]

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