Should I Be Warned About A Deaf Cashier?

During Jon’s last trip to Target, he noticed something unusual: a sign in his checkout lane advising customers, “Cashier Is Hearing Impaired.” He found the sign unnecessary and potentially embarrassing for the employee. What do you think?

Last weekend a took a trip to our local Target. I noticed that in one checkout lane, a sign was displayed reading “Cashier Is Hearing Impaired”. I question the necessity of such a sign. Isn’t it slightly embarrassing for the employee by calling attention to something that may not be an issue?

Just wondering if this practice is widespread and what other Consumerist readers think.

As an aside, I went through this particular cashier’s line with no problems other than her being slightly hard to understand.

Maybe it is embarrassing. Or it could be that the cashier put the sign up herself, tired of explaining why she speaks differently and as a warning to people about why she doesn’t respond to things customers say when her back is turned.

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