Is It Okay For Bus Drivers To Refuse Rides To Passengers With Strollers?

Not everyone who has kids has access to a car — which leads to the potentially complicated situation of taking a baby stroller on public transportation. In San Francisco, supervisors of the city’s Municipal Railway are challenging the current policy that lets bus operators refuse rides to people toting baby strollers.

The rule is supposed to combat overcrowding on the buses, but supervisors David Chiu and Sean Elsbernd, who introduced the resolution this week, don’t think it’s acceptable behavior, reports CBS 5 in San Francisco.

“I think we need to make our city both transit first and family first and need to make it as easy as possible for our families to take public transportation,” Chiu said.

Elsbernd adds that he thinks there could be some positive change ahead for families trying to get around the city.

“They’re [families are] making the effort to take public transit and then to be shunned away simply because they have a stroller is problematic and I’m grateful that Muni is taking a look at it,” he said.

We’re sure riders are divided on this issue — on one hand, getting smacked with a stroller in the face is never fun on a crowded bus, but everyone has a right to get around. So, where’s the line? Who gets booted and who gets to stay?

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